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Social influencers &
youtube stars

Influencers management

Identify influencers by allowing customers to sign up for an account using their Instagram handle. Our Influencer Management software will then identify potential influencers allowing you to connect with them to help sell your goods.

Affiliate marketing

Allow your most loyal customers to become affiliates. Our Affiliate Marketing management software allows you to register affiliates, track their sales, and pay out commissions all in one dashboard.

Facebook & instgram advertising

ONELIVE provides partners with best-in-class Facebook & Instagram Advertising integrations that drive maximum ROI through rich media.

Advanced marketing automation

Content creation is your specialty. Partner with ONELIVE and harness Advanced Marketing Automation to win back time to create more content to grow your brand.

email, sms & cart activations

Talk to your customers, increase customer lifetime value (LTV), and build your texting list by employing the use of Email, SMS and Cart Activations.

Audience & data segmentation

Partnering with ONELIVE is a decision to control your data which allows limitless marketing opportunities and strong revenue growth. Audience & Data Segmentation are the backbone of your new marketing opportunities.

Web pop-up & push activations

When an already strong landing page needs a bit more attention, we provide it through various Web Pop-Up & Push Activation uses.

youtube merch

Feature your merchandise as upsells on your YouTube videos and direct your fans to purchase online.

sell anywhere
headless checkout

Using Shopify’s integrated “Buy Button” you can sell your product inventory anywhere - on any site or blog.

apple, amazon,
google, paypal quick checkout

Fully integrated and accelerated third-party (Apple, Amazon, Google, PayPal) checkouts offer your customers options and peace of mind when ordering online.