Tech-focused package delivery professionals
Reimagine Delivery

It is estimated that about 5% of total product costs are due to supply chain inefficiencies, in 2019 that inefficiency accounted for $30 billion. X is reimagining how assets in the supply chain are utilized to reduce waste, increase capacity and save you money.

X is a technology-first company focused on fixing logistics.

Our technology increases accessibility to meet the new standard of online shoppers.

Faster transit time

X delivers to 90% of the US
population in less than 2 days

Cost Savings

Save up to 92% off commercial
shipping rates

No capacity restrictions

The scalable shipping solution for growing brands, 3PLs and

Operational excellence

Precision planning provides
reduced damage and reduced

Leadership Team
Chris Guggenheim

20+ year Austin TX
entrepreneur and Founder of ONELIVEX.

Hollye Day

Team leader of ONELIVE companies as the COO for 10+ years.

Paul Vinuelas

Results driven San Francisco based Chief Logistics Officer of ONELIVEX.

James Crow

Veteran CTO providing
advanced logistics
technology to ONELIVEX.

Our Pricing

Save up to 75%

When you get started with X

✓ 550 min daily shipments

✓ 999 max daily shipments


Save up to 85%

When you grow with X

✓ 1,000 min daily shipments

✓ 4,999 max daily shipments


Save up to 92%

Maximize savings with X

✓ 5,000 min daily shipments

✓ 9,999 max daily shipments


Unlock more savings

When shipping the highest volume

✓ 10,000+ daily shipments