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The Best Four Tips for Working From Home

Tips on Working From Home

In light of the current pandemic we know that a lot of you are newly working from home, which can definitely take some adjusting. But here at OneLive, we were an early adopter of the work-from-home model, and since we’ve been at this for a while, we thought it would be a good time to get our team to share their best tips and tricks from working from home.


Maintain your old schedule

Try to maintain your old schedule, as best as possible. You’ve been working in an office environment for years, so you’re probably used to scheduling time for your commute, maybe client lunch meetings, and even a tentative sign-off time at the end of the day. Now that you’re working from home, you could technically roll out of bed and open up your laptop, or jump back into work right after dinner and work through the night. But we’ve found that to maintain work-life balance and increase productivity, it’s best to actually put in writing your work vs play hours. In lieu of your drive to the office, maybe go on a fifteen minute walk. No client to meet with for lunch? Schedule in lunch time away from your computer. Instead of working up until dinner, schedule in an end of day activity to signify the end of the work day.


Get ready for your work day

Your company may not do a lot of video conferencing, but maintaining your morning routine of changing into a presentable outfit, or putting on mascara, will help you feel a little more normal, confident, and ready to tackle your work day.


Set up a dedicated workspace

In addition to making sure you look and feel your best, set up a defined workspace that feels good to you. This may just be a corner in your living room where you have a small desk with all of your office supplies, or it may be a proper home office. The point is, instead of pulling out your laptop and working from the kitchen island or your sofa, find a space that is dedicated to work. Also try to create a setup that’s ergonomic for your proportions. Ergotron has a great calculator for helping you determine the ideal positions of your equipment. Link:


Go outside! (but maintain your distance)

Last and certainly not least, get outside for some fresh air. Fresh oxygen can increase the levels of serotonin in your body, making your feel happier and more relaxed. Not only can time outdoors affect your mood, but it can also positively affect your immune system, by exposing you to a variety of microbes and helping your body generate the bacteria needed to fight off harmful pathogens. When scheduling in your day, be sure to add in blocks of time for going on a quick walk, or even just taking a breather on your balcony.


We hope today was helpful for you all who are newly transitioning into the work from home lifestyle. Once you’ve mastered how to make the most of your day and stay positive during these strange times, we think you’ll find that there are plenty of upsides to working from home.


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