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How to Keep Your Products Moving During a Global Pandemic

Thanks for tuning in today, as we discuss how to keep your products moving during a global pandemic.


When we set out to develop enthralling content for our ecommerce friends, it’s safe to say, we couldn’t have predicted that today’s episode would be titled “Shipping during a global pandemic” But, as fate would have it, the spread of COVID has had dramatic impacts on the shipping landscape, and today we’re going to provide you with some tips on how to navigate the every-changing waters.


But first, let’s talk about some of the major changes taking place in the supply chain.


Commercial and cargo flights have been cut by as much as 90%, depending on the airline

o This means that air freight capacity is limited AND delayed


Carriers are also changing their delivery methods – in order to combat the spread of the virus, while getting goods to consumers

o Be cautioned that this means they’re coping with added costs and have ultimately implemented temporary surcharges


This all sounds grim, so let’s fast-forward to our hot tips for maintaining your supply chain and getting your product into your customers’ hands.


Rely on your shipping partner to do the heavy lifting

If you have an important import or a time-sensitive shipment, contact your shipping rate provider who has the closest working relationship with the carriers. For instance, here at OneLive we keep in close contact with our regional reps and can quickly escalate delivery issues to find the best solutions. But for best results, notify your shipping contact *before* issues occur. Once you have that shipment booked, send us the details and we’ll monitor your shipment’s entire journey


Anticipate your product needs and order in advance

We know it can be difficult to forecast your supply needs, but, when possible, place.orders.early.


Do you typically order on a monthly basis from your manufacturer in China? Cool. Place an order and generate a label for double the product quantity. Like right now.


Take a proactive approach when it comes to customer service

Along with just about every other human being, you’re feeling the side-effects of the COVID pandemic, so, you might assume that your customer anticipates the additional day, or five, that it may take to get their order

Well, think again. You’ve delivered exceptional service to your customers for years. They think you can move mountains (or in this case, eradicate a global pandemic) and get them their package in the same quick fashion you always do. But this time, you may not be able to. So, before they have the chance to reach out to your support team or leave a less-than-stellar review, caution your customers that shipments may be delayed. While carriers are responding exceptionally to the current challenges, and may ultimately get your package to your customer on time, in this case, it’s best to undersell and over deliver


In conclusion, supply chains have been ravaged by the COVID epidemic so now, more than ever, it’s important to lean into your relationships with your shipping partners, place orders as far in advance as possible, and proactively keep your customers informed.


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