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I hope you’re doing well. We’ve already discussed the value of using Print on Demand especially during this time of economic uncertainty, but this week we want to get more focused and tell you why you should be using the Print on Demand service, Merch by Amazon.


Last week we talked about why expanding into different marketplaces is important because it allows you to get more potential customers viewing your products, it allows you to pitch your product in a different way based on the channel you’re using, and it gives your business more security, in the event that you run into an issue with one of your marketplaces. Well these reasons also hold true for why you should move the print on demand part of your business to Merch by Amazon.


Merch by Amazon


Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s Print On Demand solution that makes it simple for you to get started selling your branded merchandise directly from your product page on Amazon. We already know that Amazon has millions of visitors every day, so using their POD product means that you’re able to take advantage of their customer reach, combined with the great benefits of POD solutions. With Merch by Amazon, there are no out-of-pocket costs to getting started with this service, you have incredibly low overhead and low risk in selling these branded products. When getting started with Merch by Amazon, you’ll be placed in tier 1, which restricts your uploading maximums, until you sell a certain amount of items. So essentially, the more you sell, the more designs you’ll get. If you’re already working with ONELIVE for our ecommerce services, chances are, you’re already using our own POD app, MerchCast, which allows you to quickly design and sell your branded products. If you’ve already invested time and effort to develop some brand images, there’s absolutely no reason not to also be using Amazon’s POD services. So let me tell you how Amazon and ONELIVE have teamed up to make Merch by Amazon successful for you.


ONELIVE + Merch by Amazon


Merch by Amazon is part of the Amazon Music’s initiative to provide the world’s best merch offering, focusing on authenticity, fan relevance, and connecting artists with all of their fans. All that to say, Amazon has been highly selective when accepting new applicants for the Merch by Amazon program. But, ONELIVE and Merch by Amazon have partnered up to develop a newly formed Artist Merch team, to help our ecommerce clients every step of the way. When working with ONELIVE and Merch by Amazon, the Artist Merch team take a white-glove approach to getting you set up with your new POD store. You’ll have the benefit of being quickly accepted to the program and because you’re part of the ONELIVE network, you’re not restricted to the standard uploading maximums. We’ll also help you secure a branded vanity URL that’s concise and easily searchable. We’ve already seen some of our brands sell tens of thousands of orders, strictly through organic Amazon searches, and zero advertising spend. This tells us that your customers are already on Amazon and want your product, and we’ll help you get it there.


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