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Your New Customer Might Be An Instagram Influencer

How does Gatsby work?


Gatsby is an app that connects you to connect with your customers’ Instagram profile data, so you can identify the influencers and micro-influencers in your customer base. Gatsby provides a field for your customers to add their Instagram handle, which can be added to your Klaviyo pop-up, checkout page, or many other places in your Shopify store.


Influencers are incredibly valuable for increasing your brand awareness, but micro-influencers can be a hidden power house.


Gatsby defines micro-influencers as Instagram users that have over a thousand followers. By expanding your understanding of who has influence, you’ll find that you have more influential customers than you may have anticipated, and micro-influencers can be even more valuable for your brand. This is because on average, micro-influencers have a higher engagement rate than an influencer with 100,000 followers, for example. Since micro-influencers likely know the majority of their followers and don’t use Instagram as a key revenue source, their followers will likely perceive their content as more authentic than a macro-influencer or celebrity.


Once you’ve got access to your customer’s Instagram profile data, what are some ways you can use it?


A common use-case is to launch a micro-influencer campaign around a specific product. For example, you can use insights from Gatsby alongside data from Klaviyo and Shopify to identify a group of customers with a specific number of followers that purchased the product you’d like to feature. You can then send out an email campaign through Klaviyo to invite those targeted customers to mention the product on Instagram.


Create an ongoing and fully-automated influencer campaign that is totally hands-off. You can put your outreach into autopilot by automatically organizing customers into different groups based on Instagram influence. You can then create custom offers to them based on the influencer group they’re in.


You can also use a Gatsby dataset to build look-alike audiences in Facebook or Instagram. Influencers and micro-influencers are valuable to brands because of their reach and ability to share information word of mouth. By building audiences that look like your existing influencers, you’ll likely find more customers that are also influencers.


How do you qualify a micro-influencer and how are they incentivized to share your product?


About 30-40% of micro-influencers opt in to share your product, but they must first take a brief survey. Gatsby values authenticity above all else, so the first question on the survey gauges how enthusiastic the customer is about your brand or product. If they don’t love your brand, they aren’t incentivized to post. If a customer does express that they love the brand and if you’re able to validate their Instagram information, they’re incentivized to post about your product. Since you’re working with micro-influencers, the customer usually isn’t looking for a cash incentive. Instead, brands most commonly offer a discount toward their next purchase, or even inexpensive merch.


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