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You Can Still Win During Crisis - How to Adapt Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You're Not Alone. We Can Win Together! Tell me: How can we adapt our ecommerce marketing strategy during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis?


Hey merchants, hey shippers - Pete with ONELIVE here. It's tough out there in the new Coronavirus economy for ecommerce brands of all kinds. That's you: bands. That's you: sports teams. That's you: popular lifestyle brand. Today we are going to share valuable ideas on things to implement right now. Sound good?


  • Moving Stale Inventory - If you're holding any inventory that's tied to a live event or a tour; consider a few things... (A) Print creatively over the designs to adapt your ecommerce marketing strategy during the Coronavirus crisis; (b) Offer a simple promotion to help it sell - really, a simple ecommerce marketing strategy is better than none. 


  • Sell 100's of No-Risk Products - Keep your flow of promotions with the times, and without exposure to bulk pricing or storage fees by adding a print on demand solution to your online store. ONELIVE is excited to bring you MerchCast, which is a free tool that allows you to put 100's of print-on-demand products on your store right next to your pre-printed items. ONELIVE has partnered with Gooten to bring you a system that with a few clicks of the mouse, you will instantly have items for sale and with no inventory risk. Just think of the possibilities for you expand what you sell. ONELIVE has negotiated low production costs that we pass on to you will couple it with OneLive’s super low shipping costs. Win-Win!


  • Keep to a Regular Content Calendar - It's a bizarre time for the world, and deep breaths plus consistency can go a long way. Use a simple project management dashboard like Asana or Monday, a simple storage solution like Drive or Dropbox, and a simple calendar like those part of Google Apps or the Microsoft Office suite. Staying organized and on track is key to making sure those that are buying know you are still active.


That's all for today on how to adapt your ecommerce marketing strategy during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Please remember to subscribe to our emails to get updates on all ecommerce and shipping blog posts, podcasts, and more. 


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