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Why You Want To Use Print-On-Demand Right Now

With the craziness that is the economy right now, it’s no surprise that businesses are looking for new ways to make more sales, decrease costs, and delight both existing and new customers. POD is a great solution for achieving just that.


So, what is Print on Demand? Print on demand is a service that allows you to create custom products, as your customers order them. So, instead of ordering inventory from your manufacturer and sitting on the product until it sells, you’re simply uploading a product design to your store, and once an order is placed, the product is made. POD also takes advantage of the supply chain method, known as drop shipping, where the product is moved directly from the manufacturer to the customer, so you never have to touch it or incur unnecessary transportation costs.


Now that we’ve covered what POD is, let’s talk about some of the key benefits that make this business model particularly popular during the COVID pandemic. One of the biggest advantages here is low overhead. Instead of fronting the cost for inventory, your business is only paying for the amount of product that is ordered. And because you’re not physically handling the inventory, you’re not paying for excess storage space or paying for labor for physically handle the product.


You’ll also never have problems managing your stock. So not only will you never be left sitting on excess inventory, you’ll also never go out of stock, and in a time when companies are seeing wild and unpredictable changes in demand, the built-in safety of this model is huge.


Another upside of POD, are the low barriers to entry. OneLive makes getting started with Print On Demand easy. We’ve already partnered with vendors that have multiple locations in each state, which is especially important right now, when shelter-in-place ordinances vary across the country. It also means that your product is never more than a state away from your customer, which makes for quick turnaround and low ship costs.

Additionally we’ve built a custom app, known as MerchCast, which makes designing your new product a breeze. You simply choose the product, of which there are thousands, upload your png file, position your image on the product, and launch to your store. Your customers will be wearing and using your cool product in no time at all.


While POD for OneLive isn’t new, the the way our customers have been using it during the COVID pandemic is. In the past month, we’ve seen shops double and even triple their POD orders. Here’s what they’re doing:

Instead of primarily selling apparel, our clients are pivoting to meet the demands of the new shelter-in-place lifestyle and focusing on home good product. Our top seller this week has been quality knit blankets. These aren’t just the fleece blankets with your image printed overtop, but the image is actually knit into the product. This makes for a high quality product that your customers can snuggle up with while binge watching The Office, for the 9 thousandth time. We’ve also seen a sharp increase in protective gear like face masks and bandanas, which keep your customers save while promoting your brand.


I hope you’ve learned today why Print On Demand is your best friend when it comes to streamlining overhead and responding to unpredictable demand during the COVID pandemic.


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