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Why You Need to Download TikTok and Advertise on TikTok

Most of us understand the importance of Facebook and Instagram, but TikTok is newer to the scene and we want to give you all the inside information you need to see the true potential of this incredible platform.


TikTok is a video sharing application that allows creators to post videos that are anywhere from 15-60 seconds. The videos are short, so the goal is to post fun, creative, and interesting content. The content mainly consists of dance videos, comedic skits, lip-syncing, pranks, and duets.


Today, TikTok has a whopping 800 million active users, and it’s currently the most downloaded app on the apple app store. And may be thinking, “great, but they’re all teenagers”. Think again. Around 50% of users are actually over the age of 24, which means that a lot of users have jobs and money, and you’ll want to get your products in front of them, which you can accomplish with TikTok ads and linking features.


In addition to the incredible amount of users on platform, another reason to advertise on TikTok is that they’ve developed a smart pixel helps you collect useful customer data, so your ads are getting in front of the right people.


Keep it short and interesting. You can technically go up to 60 seconds with a single video, but you’ll get the best engagement by staying under 15 seconds. This means you need to start with a hook in order to keep your viewer’s attention.


You also want to think about the layout of your content. TikTok’s interface partially obscures the bottom and right side of the screen, so make sure your content is centered and even to the top left of the screen.


TikTok videos automatically play sound, so be sure to consider the audio component of your video when developing your content.


Finally, we’d advise you to keep in mind that creator-led content usually outperforms other asset types, so be sure to include your creators at the beginning of your video.


There are new skills to learn when starting to create content on TikTok, but we’re confident it’s worth the effort. New TikTok ad users are diverting 30% of their current ad spend from other channels over to TikTok, which tells us that they see the opportunity and they’re seeing results.


We hope you’ve found this podcast to be a helpful intro to the fastest growing social platform, but there’s a lot of unpack here.


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