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Why You Need a Facebook Shop Today

I am so glad you’re here this week, because there are some new developments in the ecomm space that we’re chomping at the bit to talk to you about. So let’s imagine for a minute, what could be if one of the best ecommerce platforms partnered up with the most useful social platform for businesses… well, you’d have the incredible toolset of an online business, and the access to millions of potential new customers. This week, we’re talking about the newly announced Facebook Shops and their integration with Shopify.


That’s right, you’ve probably heard of them – Facebook and Shopify are teaming up to open up the ecosystem of ecommerce. Facebook Shops is a new shopping experience that allows you to create an online store, natively on Instagram and Facebook.


One of the greatest benefits of Facebook Shops, is the simplified customer experience. Let’s look at the current customer journey: A lot of you already have your product catalogue listed on Facebook and Instagram, so let’s say a new customer is browsing your page and wants to make a purchase. As soon as they click on that product, they’re redirected to a different page with a different layout, where they then need to add the product to their cart and then go through the checkout process. It’s not terrible… but it’s a little clunky. Since Facebook Shops is native, all while staying on the same page, the customer can add that product to their cart and check out, and if they’ve made a purchase on a Facebook service before, they can even use a card on file to speed up the checkout process even more. The next beautiful thing, is that since your Facebook Shop is integrated with Shopify, the order information will be sent to your Shopify store and inventory levels will be updated.


Another thing that we’re excited about the ability for shoppers to discover your product using some of the built in features. Within Instagram there will be a dedicated shopping tab where you can learn about new products that are catered to the customer based on their interests. There will also be a shopping destination inside explorer where shoppers can see a variety of products, allowing you to reach new customers that may not have otherwise known about your brand.


It’s also worth discussing how customizable Facebook Shops are. By this point, we all understand the importance of having a brand story that your customers can connect to, and Facebook Shops allows you to tell that story. The shop displays are completely customizable and you can choose what products and images are displayed on your page. This means you can choose the content that you think drives home that brand story. This is the best way to get loyal customers for life, and with this in mind, Facebook Shops also has a feature that allows you to connect your Shopify loyalty programs and display points and rewards as the customer navigates your shop across the various Facebook apps.


Getting set up with Facebook Shops is free and easy. Facebook Shops will be ready in just a few weeks for accounts that have already been approved to use product tags on their Instagram profile. Once it’s live, it will automatically become available to you and you’ll receive a notification. If you’re not already using product tags on Instagram, Facebook Shops won’t be available to you for a couple of months, but you’ll want to prepare your store in advance, by installing Shopify’s new Facebook channel app and syncing your products.


This is just the beginning of Facebook Shops and there are many more features to come that we can all look forward to. There will be integrations with messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp, and even augmented reality features to allow your customers to try on your cool products, or see what they look like in their space.


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